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11 plus exam is actually a test given to the students who are all crossing their final year of primary school. It can be usually year 7 in Northern Ireland and year 6 in England. Likewise, the final year of the primary school may differ from one country to another. This 11 plus exams is mainly conducted to determine whether a particular student is suited to the academic severities of the independent and grammar school education. At the same time, a student is being offered a place in any top rated grammar school of their mom & dad’s choice.

Why choosing 11 plus exams?

Eleven Plus Exam Papers is actually the best and reliable online platform where you can get the best level of coaching for this kind of qualifying examination. There is a team of expert, professional, and experienced teachers available here in this online platform with the expertise in the preparation of the 11 plus exam for going to grammar & independent schools. As all of their teachers are well experienced, they made this online portal as an education platform specialising in the 11 plus exam mock test preparations for the students who are all aiming for the entry of independent or grammar schools. Every member of this teaching team is familiar with the selection process for the subjects tested, secondary schools, and also curriculum span. They are also experts in face to face and online education.

the education platform for their exam preparation

Expertise of 11 Plus Exam Papers:

  • The services given by Eleven Plus Exam Papers include online based 11 plus exams, online comprehensions, award winning online vocabulary module, and more.
  • Their exams are generally designed to prepare each and every student for the different types of independent and grammar school examinations.
  • It also contains the best tools to prepare your kid to perform well in the eleven plus examinations.
  • They have well presented and highly established practice examinations which are made particularly for the children aged from 9 to 12 years old.
  • It can be done with the thorough analysis with the best time management and question wise feedback.
  • They also offer the best solution from the web based examination from section tests, topic tests, comprehension, full length tests, and also vocabulary module.

All the exams conducted here at this online portal are time based tests in order to help the students prepare to work within a specific time limit.